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The Latest News from Wheatsville

New to Wheatsville…Olli Salumeria

Charcuterie is considered by some to be the highest form of meat preparation. What used to be done in caves or cellars is now executed in controlled atmosphere containers. Like in most instances, technology has brought consistency, well…as much as you can get with micro organisms and their fickle processes.

Wheatsville is now offering Olli Salumeria products. Their pork is sourced from well managed family farms. Some of these farms specialize in breeds like Duroc, Berkshire and even Mangalitsa, which are the curly-haired descendant of pata negra, Spain’s coveted black-footed Ibérico pig. They use pastured pork from farms and farmers who care about the animals and the land that they are a part of.

The flavors Wheatsville offers are:

  • Molisana- flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic – it’s the quintessential Italian salami that you would find in Molise.
  • Calabrese- a spicy salami that gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika. The Calabrese Salame is based on a traditional recipe from Calabria, where spicy sausages are popular.
  • Wild Boar-is smoked over applewood and has a unique flavor. The selected cuts used come from the lean shoulders and legs, giving it an almost purple color.
  • Chorizo-uses traditional pimenton de la vera to give our chorizo that classic taste.

Salami is great for hiking and camping since it does not require refrigeration to keep. It is also perfect for cheese plates and crackers. Firmer cheeses will add a fantastic texture contrast with the rich cured meats. Try the BellaVitano cheeses with the Wild Boar.

and check out their web site