Visit our co-op!

We'd love to show your group around the co-op!

Hi from Karen Kovalovitch! She’s the Ownership and Outreach Coordinator and is also the person who runs our co-op tours! She’s got a  LOT of co-op pride and can’t wait to show our store!

Do you have a school group or social group that would like to learn more about the co-op? As the only retail grocery co-op in Texas, we’re proud of our long and independent history and would love to show you what makes us different. We’ve been in operation since 1976 and have loads of stories to tell!*

*Full Disclosure: We’re grocery nerds and can talk your ears off about a lot of things cookin’at the co-op, BUT we’ll try to keep a lid on it.

We’re happy to host groups of all ages, from 4 – 12 people at either store. If you’re tour group is bigger than that we’re happy to work with you to make special arrangements for your visit. Suggested Tour Days: Tuesday or Thursday

What will you see and learn?

When you visit the co-op you’ll get:

How long does a tour take?

Depending on the group size and how many questions you throw at us, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. We’re happy to match the tour length to the time you have available.

Can we eat at the store?

Yes! We’re happy to make arrangements and reserve tables for larger groups or put you in touch with our catering department to make sure your food is ready to go at the end of the tour.

How to prepare for your tour:

We are STOKED to give you a tour! Fill out this short form, giving us at least 7 days advance notice, and we’ll get back to you to set it up and confirm your dates and time. We’re looking forward to your visit!

We recommend a Tuesday or Thursday.
We recommend a Tuesday or Thursday.