Yes, this is where you get our magical Popcorn Tofu. Yes, you can get it by the pound or in a Po-Boy. And yes, it has its own Facebook page.

Our deli is uniquely Wheatsville. Our Grab & Go salad and sandwich selection is extensive. Wanna make your own? We offer a well stocked Salad Bar and Hot Bar. Based on your feedback, we’ve got favorites in heavy rotation on the Hot Bar and make a selection of seasonal dishes.

And beverages! Espresso, smoothies, self serve seasonal teas and agua frescas! Nitro coffee, kombucha on tap!

Meat & Seafood

First, the fish. Each one is locally sourced whenever possible. And every selection follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sustainability guidelines.

Which brings us to the meat. On any given night this can be the star of your dinner plate. We make our own sausages, and rubs and marinades from scratch so it’s easy to bring home something spectacular.

Our Meat Department is now using Fresh Seal packaging (also known as vacuum-pack). This improves the shelf life of our fresh-cut meat and prevents food waste by slowing down the rate of oxidation.


Wheatsville wants to provide you the opportunity to eat a ‘rainbow on every plate’ for every meal. Well, this is where the rainbow begins. On any given day we have about 80% organic products but this department changes every single day. Our first choice is to source from local farmers and distributors, so when the crop is ready you can buy it at its freshest.

Bulk Foods

This section has been a centerpiece of WV since the beginning, so it’s been fun to watch other grocery chains pick up on our lead. But that’s fine by us because the more people who buy bulk the better our community becomes. Here’s why: It reduces wasteful packaging when you bring your container from home to fill up, and you can purchase just what you need so it’s always fresh. Everyone wins big in bulk!


Our grocery shelves are packed with food you love. We know you love them because you are ones who have helped choose what goes on our shelves. Yes, we carry a wide selection of raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo friendly and alternative items but we go to great effort to stock traditional favorites and pantry staples. We want this to be your one-stop grocery.


Got milk? How about local, organic, low temp pasteurized milk from a co-op? How about local eggs, yogurts and kombucha (we’ve even got one named after us). If you eat vegan, gluten free or any alternative diet you will come to think of this department as heaven.

Take your time in our frozen aisle – this is where some of the best deals are. It’s a great way to stock you freezer with local, organic, and co-op products. And ice cream!

Beer & Wine

We’re one of Austin’s best kept secrets! If you want a tight selection of Austin’s best local craft beers and limited edition brews, come on by. We love our local brewers because they are built on the same values as ours.

How about locally brewed sake or good bottle of Texas wine? We pay special attention to keeping our offerings seasonal, interesting and LOCAL.


You can be guaranteed to find one thing – inspiration. Suddenly you’ll be dreaming of cheese plates, a killer grilled cheese sandwich, a complementary fine wine or just something that goes great on a cracker. We offer a wide variety of locally sourced favorites like Pure Luck and Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese and an ever-growing selection of alternative cheeses plus lots of lunchbox favorites. Cow, goat, sheep, nut, soy, raw…. the list goes on and on.


Freshly made from scratch in small batches, our bakehouse produces traditional, vegan and gluten free quick breads, muffins and pastries. Many of our cakes are vegan. Our baked selection is rounded out by plenty of other local favorites from RockStar Bagels to the a delicious array of Skull and Cakebones vegan cupcakes.

Our own Bakehouse artisanal breads are hand-shaped by our bakers and baked with love each morning. All of the breads are made with 100% organic flours.


You take your wellness seriously, so we listen to your needs every day. Over the years this give and take has led to the most finely-tuned wellness department imaginable. We offer a wide variety of bodycare, vitamins, supplements, and natural, herbal and holistic remedies: all cruelty-free, all the time, no exceptions. Hey, doesn’t that make you feel good already?


Carefully selected and thoughtfully considered, we’ve got everything you need from spatulas and whisks to incense and candles. We have BPA-free baby bottles, paraben-free makeup and French presses. As we stock for each season we strive for all of our products to be created with socially responsibility, fair trade ethics and sustainable manufacturing processes.


We do so much more than wave hi when you walk in and shout ‘Later!” when you leave. This is your Wheatsville 411. It’s where you sign up to become a new owner, make returns, talk about job opportunities, find out the wi-fi password or look for answers about anything in the store.