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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Making our Vision Concrete

Lots of times, folks don't realize just how complicated a modern grocery store really is. But the infrastructure it takes to run a store like ours efficiently is actually quite elaborate. My managers and I recently had the chance to see for ourselves just how complex the systems are that run our store as we walked around the construction site planting well wishes from you! The dirt floor is carved up with a maze of trenches that are laid with plumbing, refrigerant lines and electrical conduit. These will run all the systems that provide the products that you want from our coolers, freezers, kitchen and bakehouse.

Later this week, all of these things will be covered with our new concrete floor! From there things will really begin to move as interior walls get put up, equipment starts to arrive and get set up, our sinks and bathrooms get installed and so much more!

We're all so excited to be moving ever closer to opening our store at South Lamar and we really appreciate your enthusiasm, support and yes, patience. As with most contraction projects, we have encountered some delays that are going to push our opening back to late August. As much as this disappoints us, it also gives us even more time to prepare our internal systems so that when we do open, you and all the new folks visiting get the most amazing experience possible. We really want to hit a home run with this store, so taking a little more time to do it just right seems worth it!

I also want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who wrote well wishes to us. It means a lot to get such an outpouring of good wishes and love to help us set 4001 South Lamar off on the right foot. And, those well wishes will forever be a part of the new space as they will soon be embedded and covered by concrete!

One more  thank you to all of the amazing Investor Shareholders. As of this writing, we have raised over half a million dollars from 50 Owners who are able to invest in their co-op. We really appreciate their commitment! It's not too late to invest. If you are a current Wheatsville owner and able to invest $5,000 or more and would like a packet of investment information please email Christine at

More photos from our recent trip to the new store can be found on FaceBook. Or keep up with us on Instagram!