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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Great for Grilling

Burgers are one of those backyard/park staples that makes it feel like summer. A grilled burger offers a different experience than a pan cooked burger. Flame licked charring adds that hint of crispy carbon. Wheatsville has several ground beef options for your summertime burgers.

  • Ground Round
    Taken from the leanest cuts and is by far our leanest ground beef.

  • Ground Chuck and Sirloin
    This burger grind runs less lean, but has all the great flavor of chuck and sirloin steaks. We grind briskets for our ground beef for the fullest flavor!

  • Premium Burger Blend
    We use Niman Ranch Ribeye, Hanger, and Beef Shortloin (NY Strip and Tenderloin) for an unbeatable flavor, mixed with the leaness of Round for structure, to offer a fantastic ground beef. The best part is that we've LOWERED THE PRICE to  $8.99lb! Yep, you save TWO BUCKS!  to get it out on the grill and in your kitchen. We offer it in patties in our Full Service Quick-to-Fix case as well as in the Self-Service case. This is a special grind that is only available here at Wheatsville.

  • Pair your Burgers with the Hops and Grains the one called Zoe.
    It's crisp and light with a little Hoppy kick. It comes in a can and would go great in the backyard next to the grill.

Sockeye Season is right around the corner. That means fresh Sockeye Salmon from the clean and clear waters of Alaska. The Copper River is the the most challenging river for Salmon to climb and it is believed that this makes these Salmon heartier and gives them a richer flavor. No wonder folks from the Northwest eagerly anticipate Copper River season!

Sustainability FYI: The state of Alaska lets enough Sockeye pass to secure next year’s crop and then lets the fisherman go in. When the state determines that the Copper River is done for the year, the other Sockeye waters are opened up and we can enjoy fresh, beautiful Sockeye until the season ends. Look for these delicious fish to arrive at Wheatsville very soon.