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The Latest News from Wheatsville

A Message from the Board’s Owner Engagement Committee

Be sure to take advantage of the fun events and opportunities throughout the year to meet with board members. We want to hear from owners like YOU!

The board is elected to represent owners and we want to know what is on your mind. Feel free to share your vision for Wheatsville’s future, or your questions or concerns about the state of our Co-op. We love co-op stories and enjoy sharing what we know about Wheatsville and the co-op economy. Sharing and growing together makes shopping at Wheatsville that more satisfying!

Stop by at $5 Dinner, when Board members are in store shopping, or when we are out hosting events. Sign up for Wheatsville’s weekly email, social feeds, or see in-store signs for all the latest news. — MeriJayd O’Connor, Board Member