Fast, Cheap & Good!

You’re Going to Need a BIGGER CART!

We ‘re making it EASY for you to shop at the co-op!  What’s so great about shopping at the ONLY RETAIL GROCERY CO-OP in TEXAS?


Easy in, easy out. Park close to the door and get through the line FAST. We’re just the right size and filled to the brim with lots of good food! Have you ever seen a  kid with a tiny cart?  We’re THAT fast. Jog by, pick up a hot taco and BOOM you’re out the door without ever breaking your stride.


From 100% fair trade, organic coffee bar to over 2000 locally made products, we’ve got the some of the best food in town.  Our bakers are here at 4am cranking up the ovens and our cooks start chopping and stirring at the break of dawn. Why? Because that’s how WE make a big batch of GOOD.


We’ve got more ways to SAVE, and yep, some things are pretty dang cheap! Look for signs Co+op Basics, Everyday Value, Co+op Deals and Owner Deals to SAVE BIG on your FAVORITE FOODS!  From single cage-free eggs to a hot housemade lunch made with organic ingredients for just $1.99, we’re serving up cart-loads of value!

Co+op Basics
Great Food, Great Prices!

Save money or eat good food? Do BOTH! We’ve LOWERED PRICES on some of your favorite products! Our new Co+op Basics program offers a variety of popular, affordable grocery and household staples – the building blocks for hearty meals and day-to-day living.

Why shop somewhere else when you can get what you need at the co-op for the same price or less? We’re working hard to give you fantastic prices on some of our best-selling pantry essentials so that you can spend your dough where it counts most for you and your family.

Remember, every time you shop at the co-op you are voting with your dollars to support our local community and participate in our BIG Direction goals of growing the co-op economy, getting more local, organic, sustainable food onto plates and making more people happy.

We might be the only grocery co-op in Texas, but with over 20000 invested owners like YOU – we’re making a difference every day in how business is done. Time to ditch the hand basket and bust out the big cart!

You’ll find Co+op Basics items in every department – just look for the purple Co+op Basics logo. For a list of all the items pick up one of our purple Co+op Basics brochures at the Hospitality Desk or click HERE.

Co-op Basics FAQs

Can I use manufacturer’s coupons?
Absolutely! If you find a manufacturer’s coupon in the paper or online, feel free to redeem it at either of our stores.

Can I get a case discount or use my Owner Appreciation Days discount?
In order to give our shoppers these great prices all year round, we are unable to allow any further price reductions on Co+op Basics items. However all purchases will count towards your patronage rebate.

Does Wheatsville accept WIC or SNAP cards?
We are happy to accept Lone Star cards, but at this time are not able to redeem WIC benefits.

Let us know what you think!
Leave us a comment at the Hospitality Desk and let us know if Co+op Basics makes your shopping easier! Remember, YOU OWN IT!

Become a MEMBER of the co-op!

For a one-time investment of $70, you can become a member of the co-op and can vote in annual elections, run for the board of directors and get great discounts on Owner Deal items and 20% OFF during Owner Appreciation Days!

Owner Appreciation Days

Twice per year we offer 20% OFF ALL SHOPS* during Owner Appreciation Days.  Buy as much as you like, including all sale items! SAVE BIG and stock up!
*Excludes Co+op Basics items already at ROCK BOTTOM prices!

Patronage Rebates

Ever wonder why we ask if you’re an owner of the co-op? Well that’s because we keep a running tally of how much you’ve spent with us during the year. In profitable years, owners receive a percentage back on the grand total.

Stay in touch!

Some of our best deals and giveaways are highlighted in our weekly newsletter and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us for all the latest news and savings! Also, make sure your address is up to date if you’re an owner. We’ll send you the Breeze newsletter full of information about co-op events & happenings plus occasional coupons and fliers. Don’t miss out!

A Few Reasons People LOVE Wheatsville:

1. Best food ON THE PLANET
2. Over 2000 LOCALLY Made Products
3. Cheerful Staff! We're really GLAD you’re here!
4. Wheatsville Bakehouse Vegan Donuts!
6. Special Orders are EASY!
7. $80,000+ donated to area non-profits and community groups in 2016!
8. During Owner Appreciation Days, save 20% OFF!
9. Super Awesome Weekly Deals!
10. 100% Fair Trade, Organic Coffee Bar!
11. Popcorn Tofu!
12. Buffalo Popcorn Tofu!
13. Easy Store Layout!
14. We compost EVERYTHING!
15. We RECYCLE our hearts out!
16. Housemade bread baked FRESH daily with 100% ORGANIC FLOUR
17. Over 500 Owner Deals and Co+op Deals EVERY WEEK!
18. Easy Returns! Don’t like it? Bring it back!
19. Over 75% organic produce!
20. Popcorn Tofu Po’Boys!
22. BIG 3 Day Deals
23. Great selection of reusable bags.!
24. Outdoor and indoor eating!
25. Compostable cups, cutlery and to-go containers!
26. Lots of Raw and Paleo Friendly foods.
27. Stickers for the kids!
28. Owners get to VOTE in elections!
29. Skylights and flowers
29. That co-op smell!
30. Fair Trade Gifts from Matr Boomie & Andes Gifts.