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Your Traditional Holiday Meal: Turkey and Ham

It’s that time of year when we all get together and share special moments with the ones we love. Here at Wheatsville, we’re excited to share our best holiday ideas to help you create a perfect holiday meal. Turkey is low fat, big enough to feed a crowd and is  great roasted to perfection, smoked with gourmet woods or deep fried for that juicy moist center.

All of our turkeys are hormone and antibiotic free, vegetarian fed and free range.

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Mary’s Natural and Organic Turkeys
best value. These free range birds come from California and are fed Non-GMO feed.

Mary’s Brined Turkey LIMITED SUPPLY!
Pre-order your Brined Turkey 8-20 lb.

Mary’s Heritage Turkeys  LIMITED SUPPLY!
Heritage turkeys are breeds that originally inhabited the Americas, Bourbon Red and Narragansett. These turkeys can fly and still roost in trees. They have naturally darker meat, larger thighs and smaller breasts. These changes the cooking time so a thermometer is recommended.

Mary’s Natural or Organic Bone-In Breast
Great for smaller crowds or as an extra protein for your holiday dinner.

Diestel Smoked or Roasted Fully Cooked Turkeys
These California turkeys are fully cooked for an easy heat and eat dinner.

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Holiday Hams

All Our Holiday Hams are:
     • Hormone & Antibiotic FREE
     • Fed vegetarian feed
     • Pasture Raised

Niman Ranch has a network of over 750 independent traditional family farmers and 100% of their pork is  Certified Humane®. Niman Ranch smoked hams are brined in a salt and maple sugar solution, then slow smoked over applewood. Although these hams are fully cooked, they need a good while to heat. For larger hams we recommend an hour or more in the oven to heat it through. Before reheating is a great time to add a glaze to your ham.

Niman Ranch Spiral Cut Bone-In Half Ham

A traditional holiday ham. It’s about 8-10 lbs, and can feed 10 to 14 people. It comes with a packet of glazing seasoning, but you can use your own or none.

Niman Ranch Jambon Royal Ham

Prepared in a European style, this 4-5 lb ham is cut in a different shape and packed with smokier and saltier flavor.

Applewood Smoked Petite Ham
Smaller ham for a more intimate gathering of 2-3 people. Also great for recipes that call for ham.

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