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The Latest News from Wheatsville

We Love Wheatsville Sausage

We love this…… so why don’t we marry it? Wheatsville makes its own sausage. We use sustainably and humanely raised fresh ground meats with fresh ingredients to make our sausage the highest quality. We think this brings our sausage offerings to the top of the pack. What kind of sausage do we offer?

Something Old (World)

Italian sausage is a staple in the American kitchen-hence its popularity and its variety. It is used as links and as a bulk sausage. Italian Sausages have some basic ingredients in common like garlic and oregano. From there they become more distinctive based on how much garlic and other ingredients. Our Italian Sausage recipe is a fennel Italian sausage. We offer a Hot Italian made with pork, and our Sweet Italian (The sweet means it is not hot-there is nothing added to sweeten the sausage) comes in Pork, Chicken and Turkey. One the most popular sausages in the country is Spinach and Feta Chicken. Ours is made from fresh ground chicken and fresh spinach to bring great flavor and great taste.

Something New

We have our own sausage flavors that are unique to Wheatsville such as the Tipsy Cow Beef Sausage. We rehydrate Ancho Chilies in Belgian Style Ale-usually North Coast Brewery’s Pranqster Ale. The mixture of smooth and sweet beer and the smoky, but mild peppers brings a great flavor that can be used in casseroles or on a bun as well as by themselves on the grill. Beef and Lamb Curry Sausage is also unique to Wheatsville. A mixture of beef and lamb with Madras curry powder, we take it another step and bloom the seasoning with red wine vinegar and coconut milk to bring the full curry experience. The vinegar adds some acid, and raisins bring the sweet element that is present in curry dishes. The Bloody Mary Chicken Sausage is another Wheatsville stand out. Built to represent a Texas style Bloody Mary, we include bacon, vodka, celery salt, tobasco, and olives. This is a great addition to pizza as well as standing out on it’s own.

Something Borrowed

Chorizo Here in Texas, Chorizo is a staple in our cuisine. The Chorizo flavor is characterized by red wine vinegar and paprika. The spicy element is usually cayenne pepper. It is traditionally made with pork glands. We have left out the glands and our Chorizo is less “greasy” than most. Wheatsville also offers a Chorizo Verde-or green Chorizo. You do not see this very much in the States, but you would see it further south. It is characterized by roasted poblano peppers and fresh serrano pepper and cilantro.

Something Blue
I got nothin’ here. Maybe next year we will come up with a blue sausage.

How do you cook link Sausages?
Our sausages are raw, they have not been smoked. When you buy prepackaged sausages they have already been fully cooked. If you put one of our sausages on the grill it will usually end up charred all over before it is done cooking. Before you put them on the grill, poach them. About a half a cup of water in a pan or skillet should do the trick. Flip them once while cooking. When the water is evaporated put them on the grill. If you are not grilling-add a small amount of oil to the water. When the water is gone, the oil will start to brown the sausages. Take them out when they reach the texture you want. It is always a good idea to take their temperature-it should be 160 degrees.