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The Latest News from Wheatsville

We Are Thankful

With almost 22,000 owners and 230+ staff members our co-op has a long history of being an ethical, progressive, and positive business leader in Austin. Since 1976 Wheatsville has worked diligently to live up to our shared values of caring for others, being an inclusive and welcoming community, and working to create a better and more positive world. That being said, we want to take a moment to look back at our year and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

We are thankful to have a leadership team that is 50% female, 39% LatinX, and a Board of Directors that is almost 80% female. We are Millenials, Boomers, Gen X’ers and Gen Y’s. We are parents and singles, gay and straight, vegans and omnivores, voters, activists, and community leaders.

We are thankful for the opportunity we had to participate in the Austin PRIDE Parade this year. Through a staff idea and a groundswell of support, we all grew closer and more resolute about the importance of LGBQT acceptance and equality. All along the parade route, as the crowds cheered us on, we underscored our co-op’s commitment as a safe and welcoming space. 

We are thankful for the work we’ve all done together to create a welcoming, safe place for people of all backgrounds and for the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee. In the year ahead, we look forward to open, honest, and thoughtful collaboration to create more racial diversity at our co-op.

We ate thankful for the constellation of people we see shopping at the co-op from day to day – our neighbors, community leaders, and friends. We are thankful for your participation in our co-op. When you shop co-op you help make a positive difference in our world.

When we say “EVERYONE WELCOME” we mean everyone. When we say our goal is to have “More Happy People” we mean YOU. And when we say “We’re so glad you’re here.” we mean it. Our co-op is not one person, it’s a reflection of our community. THANK YOU for being a part of our wonderful co-op family. We look forward to a happy and bright 2018 - together!