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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Upcoming Board Election

Wheatsville owners, it’s just about time to demonstrate how we practice democracy in cooperatives by voting in Wheatsville’s annual Board of Directors election!

This year, the Nominations Committee has worked diligently to bring you six candidates for four open seats on the co-op’s nine-member board. Read about these candidates in the upcoming Breeze in September or online in upcoming weeks.

We’re also choosing 10 non-profit recipient slots for our Community Action. Voting is as easy and you will have plenty of time to learn about the candidates.

Voting starts Sunday, September 10th, and ends Friday, November 10th at store closing for paper ballots and 11:59 PM for online ballots.

The election results will be confirmed Monday, November 13th, at 5PM at the Guadalupe Store. Confirmation meetings are always open to owners. Ballots are maintained for 30 days after the election should there be questions about the results. The election results will be certified by the Board at the November Board Meeting.

Democratic participation by co-op owners is one of the cooperative principals laid out by the International Cooperative Alliance. The people you elect to the Board help to shape your co-op. They develop the policies that govern the organization and, together with Wheatsville’s Chief Executive Grocer, are the visionaries for the future of Wheatsville. Voting really does matter and we hope you will take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to choose who you want to lead your co-op! Remember …. YOU OWN IT!

Yours in Cooperation,
Kitten Holloway, Board Secretary

For much more information about how your Board works, please visit the Board of Directors page.