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The 411 on Wheatsville Brand Supplements

Here in the Wellness Department, we frequently get asked about our house-brand supplements. Who makes them? Where do the ingredients come from? Are they actually any good? Even before the recent exposé on the private-label supplements offered by several nationally-recognized companies, these were really good questions.

To start, our supplements are made by Reliance, a privately held company that has been producing supplements since 1978. Located in Edison, NJ, Reliance has a new start-of-the-art facility that is LEED certified and contains Class 10,000 clean rooms which exceed the industry standards for both air quality and humidity control, both of which are vital to preserve the potency of ingredients. To achieve this quality, the Reliance facility utilizes a MERV air filtration system to produce clean air. The system uses no hydro chlorofluorocarbons so it significantly reduces their ecologic footprint.

The innovators at Reliance were some of the first to be able to offer private-label products and formulations in many categories including shelf-stable probiotics, vegetarian DHA, and liquid herbal extracts. Their Aller 7 Support product, formulated for allergy relief, won a Vity Award for Best Natural Allergy formula from Vitamin Retailer, a trade publication.

Reliance’s team of PhD.s and nutritionists source both raw and patented ingredients for their products and formulations from all over the globe. All ingredients are third party tested by independent laboratories for purity. You can even go on their website, to fi,nd the results of these tests. Additionally, Reliance fully discloses all ingredient suppliers and is certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant from both the NSA and NPA. The company is also actively involved in legislative and regulatory organizations that serve to promote and protect the natural products industry.

It is our hope that, no matter what type of product you choose to purchase from Wheatsville, your decision is one that you feel educated and good about. This overview is brief; if you have any questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to ask any member of the Wellness staff!