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Texas Berry Season

With Spring rapidly approaching, I am getting really excited about my favorite season of the year, baseball season! But since that would make for a most peculiar produce article, I’ll go with the next best season of the year, Texas berry season of course! After struggling through our Texas winter, sweet fresh Texas berries help erase the memory of all those recent cold nights. I most often just rinse and eat them right out of the package. But berries lend themselves to a wide array of quick recipes and are always welcome as a sweet salad compliment to a tangy vinaigrette.

Texas strawberries arrive first and are always much anticipated. The season runs from late February into early May. We’ll be getting our strawberries from Poteet, Texas, the strawberry capital of the Texas. If you’ve never been to The Poteet Strawberry Festival, make this the year to do it. It will be held April 10 -12 and is a great time for the family and a great place to soak up some Texas history as well as enjoy some amazing strawberry delights. Poteet is just south of San Antonio about 2 hours from Austin.

Blackberries and blueberries then round out the Texas berry season. Blackberries generally arrive first in May followed by blueberries in June. The blackberries we most often have for y’all are also from Poteet and are always delicate and delicious. They are my personal favorite berry and also have the shortest season here in Texas of just over a month. So snap them up when you see them because they don’t stay around for long. Blueberries hail from East Texas and bring with them another fun Texas festival, The Texas Blueberry Festival on June 13 in downtown Nacogdoches. This year marks the festival’s 25th anniversary celebrating the annual blueberry harvest. Stop by for a fun-filled day if your travels take you near Nacogdoches in June.

Though berry season doesn’t last long, jams or preserves are a fabulous way to make it last much longer, or at least as long as your willpower will allow you to resist that fresh jar of homemade preserves. I love to turn Texas blueberries into a Blueberry and Basil Jam. All you need are blueberries, sugar, basil, pectin, lemon juice and water. Try a quick internet search and you’ll find many quick and easy recipe variations. And if you are not into canning, just refrigerate your blueberry basil jam and use it within three weeks. It is fabulous! Happy Texas Berry Season!