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Tecumseh Farms Smart Chicken

There's a new chicken in town! We looked high and low to find a chicken grower that met our volume needs and high standards and we found one - Smart Chicken from Tecumseh Farms! Here's why we love it:

  • These chickens are humanely raised on family farms.
  • Organic Chicken is third party certified humane.
  • They lower feed cost by locating farms in the grain belt of Kansas, Nebraska & Iowa.
  • Reduce carbon footprint & shipping costs by locating farms in major shipping corridors.
  • Humane Harvesting Practices In 2005, Smart Chicken introduced Controlled Atmospheric Stunning to the U.S.. A practice that was already in place in Europe, the atmosphere is altered to comfortably put the chickens to sleep. Smart Chicken is one the few U.S. chicken producers that engage in this humane practice.
  • Air Chilled Most chicken processors chill their chickens in a communal bleach bath. This process adds this "brine" as well as water weight to the chickens. Air Chilled chickens are cooled by a cold air bath without adding any moisture.
  • Boneless Smart Chicken is hand separated and trayed. This means more jobs as well as keeping families on their land.

These high standards are exactly what Wheatsville is looking for in the meat and seafood we offer to you.  We in the Meat Department look forward to working with Tecumseh Farms. Take a look at their on line magazine for recipe ideas, info and interviews.