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The Latest News from Wheatsville

New Local Greens: LEAF SAFARI

We’re excited to now carry delicious, fresh, nutrient-dense, sustainably grown salads and greens from Leaf Safari. They started, while in college, with a 9000 square foot operation growing only basil. They have grown to nearly four times in size at their current location in Manor, Texas.

You can find six different varieties on the shelves in the Wheatsville produce department. All the Leaf Safari greens we carry are harvested, with their roots still intact, within hours of placing the order. This means nothing but the freshest product in every box, as the lettuces and greens are still living. In June, I had a brief Q&A with the friendly folks at Leaf Safari:

Ralf: Could you describe your facilities and explain the growing process?
Leaf Safari: We have a 34,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse facility that is Primus Certified, pesticide-free, and sustainable in Manor, Texas. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water without soil. Everything is grown in a greenhouse, no pesticides are used, and there is no harmful agricultural runoff or water waste. Crops are completely environmentally friendly and are able to be grown year round. We believe that hydroponics is the future of farming. This farming method uses 90% less water than traditional farming and reduces our farm’s carbon footprint.

Ralf: What is your favorite product you guys sell?
Leaf Safari: Our favorite products are the Living Baby Kale (mild, nutty flavor and tender yet crisp texture) and the Living Superfood (spicy and nutrient dense). Also, our picking and packing crew always ask to take home the baby lettuces!

Ralf: What is your favorite thing about Wheatsville?
Leaf Safari: The people working at the stores are consistently AWESOME! Wheatsville truly has a “local” neighborhood feel. We feel that we are contributing to our community in a positive way after shopping at Wheatsville.

Ralf: Any interesting facts about your business that you would like to share?
Leaf Safari: We use ladybugs as a natural pest control method. We release 18,000 ladybugs per month. When released it is a giant swarm that sometimes form clusters on our hands/arms like you see in a movie or on TV. Any other bug would creep me out, but not the ladybugs.