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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Gluten-Free Bing Bongs

Skull & Cakebones  just delivered GLUTEN-FREE Bing Bongs to both of our Wheatsville locations. These Too CUTE! Look at our LOGO, how cute!

Yauss and Sasha worked with Bona Dea,  a local company that makes Gluten Free Flour mixes.  This type of local combining is what is at the core of how Skull & Cakebones drive their mission. You can see this in how they work with Johnson’s Backyard and Jester King to use both companies’ brands on their own Skull& Cakebones packaging. This commitment is one of the ways that makes Skull& cakebones unique. Below is part of their mission statement:

“…... We partner with foodies and drinkies within our community to bring their flavors to our cakes because it’s fun, but also because we love our people. As a community we can grow together and make the world a tastier place in the process.”

Yauss and I met to talk about bringing in Gluten Free Cupcakes. Since they are not made in a certified gluten free kitchen, we really wanted to make sure to get the word out there in a way that made sense to folks. Below is straight from the packaging for the GF Bing Bongs, written by Yauss and Sasha

“We may not work out of a gluten free kitchen, but our process and our cakes are free from wheat. Approved by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, our procedures are clean and mindful. We keep everything in a sealed tub that only comes out when it's time to bake and we never bake wheat-free when making our other cakes. Tested on Celiacs, gluten lovers and gluten avoiders, we are proud to give you all our best selling cake, now without gluten."

Staff and customers have been super excited  to see and TASTE these exclusive cupcakes on Wheatsville’s shelves. So grab a 4 pack – we are the only place in town to sell them so you gotta come here!