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Marination Nation

Marinades work by adding flavor and moisture to what ever you are marinating, which in our case, is meat. Marinades are either directly acidic-vinegars and citrus juices, or enzyematic-like pineapple or pipaya. Both of theses start to breakdown connective tissue which allows more of the liguid to penetrate. The proper balance of acid and other ingredients will bring flavor and moisture without turning the surface of your food to mush.

Keep in mind that your marinade is only going to penetrate about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch into the meat. In the case of stew or kababs, all of that surface area means it will make it all the way through. A roast on the underhand will only get the marinade in around the surface. This is true over time as well. 3 hours at room temperature will get you the same amount of penetration as overnight in the refridgerator. It is recommended that you do not use the left over marinade that held meat as a sauce. If you bring that marinade to a boil you can safely use it, or just reserve some marinade to use as a sauce. Reducing the sauce will concentrate flavor and thicken it. Also-the raw marinade will be stronger before it is cooked. The fats  and heat will mellow some of the stronger or spicier marinades.

Our selection includes:

Great on the grill with any meat. It can be reduced and used as a glaze. It is a good dipping sauce and works splendidly as an ingredient in other sauces and marinades.

Fajita Marinade
This fajita marinade is a fresh green marinade. Cilantro and jalapeno give it a great color and a mild to medium heat. This works amazingly on beef and poultry.

Mojo Marinade
This is a take on a South American and Carribean suace or marinade. We use raspberry vinegar, orange juice and coffee and turn up the heat with chili and chipotle flavors with cumin. It works for beef, pork and poultry and shrimp. You could even add some sugar and reduce it to use it as a glaze on fish like salmon.

Come try out o

ur new marinades and let us know what you think!