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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Local Vendor Spotlight: fitppl

fitppl was launched in late 2015 and proudly homegrown in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to create clean, sustainable products to help busy people stay fitppl. They only use simple, wholesome ingredients in their products; nothing artificial. They are environmentally conscious thinkers continually seeking packaging and materials to reduce their plastic footprint. This was ingrained in Their philosophy from the beginning, and they will continue with this commitment.

We spoke wih fitppl founder, Patrick Schecht, and he graciously answered a few questions for us.

1. Why did you decide to start fitppl?

The initial idea for fitppl was born in August of 2012, while I was working at an Austin-based start-up. They offered great perks in the micro-kitchen, with snacks and food, but most were processed and devoid of nutrients. I've always lived a health-conscious lifestyle and wanted an option to keep me from eating those sugary and fat-laden snacks. I asked the office manager to bring in a protein powder for the kitchen to make smoothies. She brought in a generic, dairy-based protein with flashy graphics and a laundry list of ingredients that you couldn't pronounce. People I spoke with wanted to make healthy choices, but they really needed simplicity to balance out their busy lifestyles. That's when I had my “A-ha” moment and said to myself, “there needs to be clean, simple products to help busy people stay fit people”. That's where the idea was born and I got to work from there. After three years of research and hard work, fitppl was finally launched!

2. Why did you choose the packaging you use?

As I was developing the product-line and business philosophy for fitppl, I wanted the company to have an underlying social cause. It was important to me that the company have a genuine soul and purpose. This initially came to me in October of 2013, while I was in Thailand swimming in Maya Bay. The water was so blue and beautiful, yet there was horrible plastic litter floating everywhere. I did some research and learned about the catastrophic plastic pollution problem plaguing our oceans. As I did more research, I learned about the pitfalls of our recycling programs as well as biodegradable plastic initiatives. In spite of all that, there persists an overall marketing strategy with most companies which supports a throw-away mentally. I found that I was so under-informed about the situation…and knew I wasn't the only one. That's when the “Ditch the Plastic” campaign was created. The campaign’s purpose is to educate people that any packaging discarded doesn't just go away or get automatically get recycled. Reducing demand and reusing is the key. This is why we chose to use kraft-paper pouches instead of bulky plastic containers and each bag of protein and superfood includes a reusable wooden scoop.

3. What are the advantages of your plant proteins and superfood?

We kept the ingredients clean and simple for each product. No other ingredients, "natural flavors" or stevia. Even without all the artificial stuff, our organic plant proteins are smooth and delicious! They offer 16 grams of organic, raw protein with a complete amino acid profile, and come is 2 great flavors: Vanilla-Goji and Cocoa-Blueberry. Our organic green and red superfood is packed with superfood fruits, cereal grasses plus fresh and salt water algae. They deliver chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. Our green and red superfood is unique and tangy! You can mix each product with just water, add to your favorite smoothie or include in recipes. They all include a reusable wooden scoop!

4. Anything new in the works?

Lots of awesome things in the works...Stay tuned!

5. What are your favorite things about Wheatsville Co-op?

Wheatsville Co-op is a staple in Austin. Growing up here, I can remember my Dad bringing me in anytime we were on Guadalupe. Wheatsville has so much heart and soul. Their sense of community is amazing. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive. Cody really believed in our philosophy and gave us our first shot as a new company…something I'll never forget. Wheatsville is the ideal fit for fitppl and I couldn't be happier having Wheatsville as our premiere store.

Cody Atkins' Superfood Smoothie Recipe

1 serving of Fitppl Vanilla and Goji Superfood Protein
12 oz Pacific Unsweetened Original Almond Milk
1 sliced and frozen banana
¼ cup Woodstock frozen Dark Sweet Cherries (about 5)
¼ cup Woodstock frozen Blueberries
¼ tsp. Frontier Vanilla Extract (optional)

Combine all ingredients in blender jar. Pulse until a smooth consistency is achieved.