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Local Vendor Spotlight: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Wheatsville has been carrying Buddha’s Brew locally made organic kombucha since August of 2009. In the beginning, Buddha’s Brew made a few traditional flavors— original, grape and blueberry. Over the years they have developed many new combinations and seasonal offerings such as Peach-Mint, Tangerine Sea Salt and Hop’D.

I had a short Q&A with Kimberley and John-Paxton, the owners of Buddha’s Brew.

How long have you guys been in business? We started at the Farmers Market in 2006 and then we moved to our current commercial kitchen in 2007.

Which is your favorite flavor of kombucha?
My current favorite is Basil Honey Ginger, right now it’s a seasonal but soon it’ll be a regular flavor in our regular jars! My other favorite is Peach-Mint, it’s delicious, the fresh mint and peach pop so well with our kombucha tea. 

What is your favorite thing to purchase at Wheatsville? South Austin People (SoAP), Skull & Cakebones, Happy Hemp, Love Bean and Good Seed are a few examples of our favorite things to get at Wheatsville. Also enjoy just browsing the aisles seeing what’s new, enjoying a sandwich for lunch and checking out other alive foods! 

Why did you start making kombucha? I was introduced to kombucha through a close friend. I began drinking it daily and loved how it made my body feel. Then all of a sudden the national brand changed their recipe as they expanded and I didn’t feel the same after drinking a bottle. It was then I decided to brew my own traditional kombucha. Once my friends had a taste, they kept asking for more and a business was born.
Additional info: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha’s mission is to brew the most probiotically powerful kombucha on Planet Earth and have a blast doing it. With our process each batch is carefully fermented to have an exceptionally high count of traditional kombucha probiotics. Offering kombucha that is both alive and delicious is very important to our entire Buddha’s Brew team! 

Wheatsville is proud to have Buddha’s Brew Kombucha on our shelves and we’re very happy to have a successful relationship with such nice people!