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Local Vendor Focus: Pogue Mahone Pickles

Featured vendor for the month of June is local pickle producer Pogue Mahone. These delicious crisp local pickles have some pretty cool flavor profiles such as habanero ginger, serrano lime and Texas sweet heat along with traditional styles like bread and butter and garlic dill. All the available varieties of Pogue Mahone can be found at both Wheatsville locations in the refrigerated departments.I had a Q&A with owner Sam Addison and wanted to share it with you.

Chris: How long have you been selling pickles at the farmers market/ Wheatsville?

Sam: We began selling at farmers markets 3 years ago. Wheatsville on Guadalupe was one of our very first retail accounts. I can still remember our very first delivery and pickle sampling event. We were pretty nervous .

Chris: What are some of your favorite things at WV?

Sam: I love the produce and meat departments most of all. I can find the same produce and meats that we buy or trade pickles for at the farmers market which is really great. I do a lot of cooking and Wheatsville gives me a hard location where I can find these local goods any day of the week.

Chris: Which is your favorite flavor of pickle?

Sam: Thats tough, but if i could only have one for the rest of my life it would be our classic Fresh Dill & Garlic flavor. I am eating a lot of our Texas Sweet Heat pickles right now though, they are so perfect with BBQ and burgers.

Chris: Do you have anything new in the works for Pogue Mahone?

Sam: We do indeed. Up until now it has been pretty top secret but here we go... In the coming months we will be using our pickles and brine to make an awesome Dill Pickle Bloody Mary Mix as well as a “Pickled” Whole Grain Mustard.

Chris: What made you decide to do pickles?

Sam: My mom and both grandmothers made pickles while I was growing up and I just really enjoyed the whole process. When we didn’t have homemade pickles around we would buy the Claussen pickles from the cold section of the store. I just always felt that we could do cold pack pickles better than what was available so I dedicated over a decade to perfecting the recipe before offering them to the public. I am happy with where we are right now and look forward to the future of Pogue Mahone Pickles.

More notable info about Pogue Mahone Pickles:

  • Our fresh cucumbers go from vine to pickle jar in under 48 hours. We only hold our pickles for 10 days before selling to give them maximum crunch and deliciousness.
  • We were named winner in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 National Good Food Awards, becoming the only pickle company in America to win three times.
  • You can find our pickles in the cold dairy section of the store.
  • Wheatsville now offers our premium dill pickles by the pound on the Salad Bar for customers looking to buy a lot or just sample them.
  • Pogue Mahone is gaelic for “kiss my arse”. We were given our name by my Irish brother-in-law who said that our pickles (un-named at the time) were the best damned pickles he had ever had and anyone who disagreed could pogue mahone. A name was born.