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Here’s Looking at Windy Hill Farm

One of the most exciting things we offer in the Meat Department is meat from Windy Hill Farm. Ty Wolosin has been ranching for 16 years and currently calls Windy Hill Farm in Comanche Texas his ranching and farming home. Ty does things differently than conventional farms and ranches. All of his animals are pastured and treated humanely. They eat grass in their pastures and are finished with a local, organically raised alfalfa supplement from Coyote Creek Farm.

Ty selects his animal's genetics very carefully. When choosing which breed of animals to raise, probably the most important fact to take into consideration is the climate. Texas can be a harsh and brutal climate to raise live stock in. All of the livestock breeds Ty have chosen are drought resistant and are capable of thriving in harsh, dry environments.

80% of the goats raised for meat in the U.S. are raised here in Texas.The Boer goat is a great choice for the Texas climate. They are good foragers and have great parenting instincts. Wheatsville offers ground goat, goat stew meat and goat loin. Goat is not as “gamey” as lamb, but has more of a twang than pork. It is very lean compared to other livestock its size.

Another great genetic selection is the Dorper sheep that Ty raises. This South African breed is extremely drought-resistant, considering their African heritage, and can thrive here in Texas. Lamb can be a bit of an acquired taste, but the Windy Hill Farm Dorper sheep has a great flavor and is raised right. Wheatsville offers ground lamb and lamb stew meat.

Lastly, there is the Red Brangus Beef. The Brahma and Red Angus combination is perfect for the Texas clime. The Brahma is a stout breed that is disease and climate resistant. Angus is a name I’m sure you’ll recognize. In this case, the Red Angus has the same great meat characteristics as Black Angus.Ty also finishes his cattle on alfalfa from Coyote Creek Farm. This beef is grass-fed, but it does not cook like grass-fed beef. Usually, you use indirect heat from the grill or slow and low temperatures to help cook through the leaner meat to help keep it tender. That is not the case with the Brangus Beef. Right now we offer ground beef, stew meat and if it is still out there, some liver. On occasion we can bring in some steak cuts, but they are harder to get due to the small number of cattle that Ty processes yearly.

You can find the Windy Hill Farm products in the freezer at both locations.

Windy Hill Farm is overseen by a man who is doing everything right for the animals, the land, and those that consume his products. His produce is available at the HOPE. Farmers Market on Sundays in east Austin.

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