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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Happy 43rd Birthday Wheatsville!

We do so much, and with you, we can do even more!

Our co-op celebrates 43 years of cooperation this March. Being a community-owned independent business isn’t getting any easier, though! There are increasing challenges moving forward and growing the co-op economy in the middle of a rapidly transforming industry and city. As more and more sophisticated large-scale retailers come to town or decide to get into the grocery business, your support means more now THAN EVER.

We know that literally THOUSANDS of you find value in shopping at the co-op every week. Without your continued weekly patronage, your co-op does not exist. Each purchase you make – from sandwiches to fair trade birthday gifts – have impact on our community.

Co-ops offer an alternative way of doing business that supports inclusive values and principles. While it may seem hard to believe that any business nowadays is acting in your best interest – never mind honestly and ethically – we’re here to tell you – WE DO, EVERY DING DANG DAY!

We take a lot into consideration when we make decisions – the planet, our community, our staff, and YOU. Do we get it right for all people all the time? Heck no, but we’re here swinging for the fences every day and our little co-op that started in 1976 is still kicking because of YOU and your friends and neighbors who support us. And it matters to us in significant ways that we continue to satisfy you and that you find value in shopping at your co-op. We strongly encourage you to choose us as often as you can for as much of your food dollar as is possible. Because with your co-op, more money stays in Austin than any big grocer and nearly any other food purveyor for that matter.

We were recently featured in Forbes for raising $181,393 for local non-profits in 2018 – all nickels and dimes rounded up at checkout throughout the year... It’s just one way our amazing community of members and shoppers comes together to create impact. THANK YOU!!!

You may not think your breakfast taco or cup of coffee matters – but it does. Consider each purchase you make here a decision to support an independent ethical local business. We thank you for your support and look forward to another 43 years of growing and thriving here as your community grocer in Austin. Happy Birthday to US!