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Grilling Seafood

Seafood Grilling Tips

Whenever possible, keep the skin on.
Not only does it help keep structure but it also adds flavor to your seafood. For a skinless fillet, just slide your fish right off the cooked skin and onto your plate. It's just that easy! And remember, keep your grill and seafood well lubricated to prevent sticking.

Large Shrimp are a great item to grill with.
They cook fast and can take on just about any rub or marinade that you would like to put on them. Wheatsville offers a previously frozen 16/20 Texas Gulf Shrimp. That's 16 to 20 shrimp per pound. To make peeling easier, drop your shrimp into boiling water for about thirty seconds. They won't peel them selves, but it is pretty close.

Salmon is always a good choice for grilling.
It is a succulent fish and the Alaskan Coho Salmon from Trollerpoint Fisheries is a perfect companion to your grill. 

Lingcod is great on the grill!
This fish is unique to North America but is similar in flavor and texture to Halibut while being considerably less expensive.

Trollerpoint Black Cod is my favorite fish for grilling.
This high oil fish is rich and moist and has a great texture with a buttery flavor. I like to keep it simple with salt, pepper and lemon. Pestos would also be a great flavor to compliment this fish.


Pair your grilled fish with a light refreshing salad. This Co+op Kitchen recipe for Orange Wakame Salad adds great crunch, lots of flavor and maximum nutrition!