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Get Involved – Run for the BOARD or serve on a Committee

Are you a Wheatsville member? Do you welcome opportunities to grow as a more inclusive and innovative leader? Are you 100% about that Popcorn Tofu life? Well, Board membership just might be for you.

Serving on Wheatsville’s Board of Directors is a challenging, rewarding, and transformational experience. The opportunity to represent the diverse interests of Wheatsville’s patrons is a great honor, and it’s true, we are quite fond of our Wheatsville grocery store – however, service on the board is also a responsibility that demands mental fortitude and persistence.

Attend a Prospective Candidate Information Session

Information sessions are an hour in duration and answer questions like, “What does the board do?” and “What are the co-operative values that drive Wheatsville’s policies and procedures?” If you think you might want to serve as a director, or just want to engage more deeply with your co-op, sign-up for an info session and join us in learning more about the work of the Wheatsville Board. Meetings take place at Wheatsville’s admin offices at both the Guadalupe and S. Lamar stores or email us at

Candidate Information Sessions:

  • Tuesday 3/26 at Guadalupe, 6pm 
  • Tuesday 4/22 at South Lamar, 6:30pm 
  • Tuesday 5/28 at Guadalupe, 6pm 
  • Tuesday 6/25 at South Lamar, 6:30pm 
  • Tuesday 7/23 at Guadalupe, 6pm 
  • Tuesday 8/27 at South Lamar, 6:30pm 
  • Tuesday 9/24 at Guadalupe, 6pm 
  • Tuesday 10/22 at South Lamar, 6:30pm 
  • Tuesday 11/26 at South Lamar, 6:30pm

Join a Board Committee

This list of volunteer opportunities is not exhaustive, but offers a few ways you can get involved with the Board.

Audit and Review Committee

We encourage owners from all professional backgrounds (a financial background is not required) and having a mix of professional experiences is invaluable to support the board’s oversight role. The board commissions and works with an outside auditing firm and conducts a review of the co-op’s bookkeeping systems, as required by State statute.

Owner Engagement (OEG) Committee

In addition to fostering community through events and connecting owners and shoppers to local food makers & local independent businesses, the Owner Engagement Committee helps organize our BIG CO-OP FAIR in October. This annual event gives context to the year, presents Board candidates to owners, and is an opportunity to have fun and eat good food.

Get involved with The Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA)

The ACBA is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Austin-area cooperative community through increased consumer knowledge, inter-cooperative support and advocacy to make it easier to start and expand cooperatives. More info regarding ACBA visit:
Send us an email at if considering any of these opportunities and we look forward to connecting with you at the friendliest grocery store in Austin. — Jason Bourgeois, Board Member