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Farm Visit to Flower Farmer Scott!

Lila the Wonder Pup Supervises All Flower Picking

Wandering up to visit Flower Farmer Scott in Cedar Creek, it looks like any other small country house, with half-started and half-finished projects laying around, some resource pile here and there. If it weren't for the tibetan prayer flags on the porch, I might have driven right by! But as I wandered down the hill towards the back of the property, Scott's flower field came into view.... The area under cultivation isn't large, about a half an acre, but standing amongst the hip-high larkspur and snapdragons, there is an expansive feeling that encapsulates you in the majesty of these flowers as various pollinators flutter about.

Scott Harris has been farming off an on for the last twenty-five years, and for the past three he's been Flower Farmer Scott. It's easy to see why he choose flower farming. Most of the flower trade is filled with nasty chemicals, and involves shipping flowers hundreds of miles, but on a flood plane field in Central Texas, Scott can grow these beautiful flowers that look great for weeks without using chemical inputs. In fact, his soil building process isn't even labor intensive. Several of the varieties Scott grows are perennials that go dormant in the winter. Where he grows annuals, he simply tills them under in the fall and starts a cover crop to be tilled in again after the last frost.

The Dianthus has all been picked.

Flower Farmer Scott can be found Saturday mornings at the SFC Downtown Farmer's Market and Sundays at the Mueller Farmer's Market. And of course, you can find his lovely bouquets of dianthus, larkspur, and english status at Wheatsville everyday from 7:30 am to 11pm.

Before I left, Scott showed me his secret to long-lasting bouquets: put a tablespoon of white vinegar per gallon of water in the vase! It helps prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Just for fun, here's a photo of Scott's living room after a day of picking flowers:

From all of us at Wheatsville, and our friend Flower Farmer Scott, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Welcome Rory, our new Guadalupe Store Manager!

Since Bill Bickford is changing jobs from Guadalupe store manager to 4001 South Lamar store manager, we needed to fill his role and we didn't have to look far! Rory Alexander is our new Guadalupe Store Manager and he is probably familiar to you, since he's been our Operations Manager for the past 15 months. Rory was a natural choice to step up to this role, some of you may know him from his days working as the store manager at the Whole Foods Gateway store. Rory ran that store for several years and after a short break decided to get back into the grocery business at a store that was more in line with his values. And we've been delighted to have him come over to "our" side!Rory is very quickly transitioning to his new role and you will likely see him roaming all parts of the store. As Bill and I and some of the other long time faces around here turn our attention more fully on opening the South Lamar store Rory is being charged with making absolutely sure that the experience of shopping and working at Guadalupe is as good or better than it's ever been. Rory and his team are aiming to delight all of you with an excellent shopping trip every time you come in the store and Rory wants to know if we're missing the mark, so don't be shy to let him know (but give him a few weeks to ease into the job a little, if you can!) Rory will also be glad to accept your praise when we get it right, too! Of course, you can also always tell me how thing are going! I'm still around!

All in all, I couldn't be more delighted with the team at Guadalpue and look forward to seeing great things from Rory and his crew!

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