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Grocery News

Our grocery shelves are packed with food you love. We know you love them because you are ones who have helped choose what goes on our shelves. Yes, we carry a wide selection of raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo friendly, and alternative items but we go to great effort to stock traditional favorites and pantry staples. We want this to be your one-stop grocery.

We work hard to offer great prices on high-quality products – look for Co+op Deal signs for items on sale and Owner Deal signs for special prices just for Owners. On a budget? Look for the purple Co+op Basics signs on products at rock bottom prices. Didn’t find what you needed? Make a request on our wishlist or ask us to place a special order for you. Your interaction determines what we buy - so speak up! We love to hear from you.

The Ultimate Burger

Burgers are one of those backyard/park staples that makes it feel like summer. A grilled burger offers a different experience than a pan cooked burger. Flame licked charring adds that hint of crispy carbon. Wheatsville creates several ground meat options to help you build your Ultimate Burger!

Ground Round

Taken from the leanest cuts and is by far our leanest ground beef.

Ground Chuck and Sirloin

This burger grind runs less lean, but has all the great flavor of chuck and sirloin steaks. We grind briskets for our ground beef for the fullest flavor!

Premium Burger Blend

We use Niman Ranch Ribeye, Hanger, and Beef Shortloin (NY Strip and Tenderloin) for an unbeatable flavor, mixed with the leaness of Round for structure, to offer a fantastic ground beef. The best part is that we’ve LOWERED THE PRICE to $8.99lb! Yep, you save TWO BUCKS! We offer it in patties in our Full Service Quick-to-Fix case as well as in the Self-Service case. This is a special grind that is only available here at Wheatsville!

Housemade  Turkey Burgers

One of our top sellers and for good reason. It is reasonably priced and is packed with flavor. A classic pairing of poultry and sage gives it a familiar punch of flavor. Our turkey is from Norbest cooperative of turkey growers and is about 90% lean.

Housemade  Chicken Burgers

These burgers offer classic southwestern profile of chilies, lime and cilantro and the black pepper really “ties the room together.” We use Serrano chilies in this recipe, so expect some kick.  We use the Tecumseh Farms Smart Chicken in our chicken patties.

Favorite Veggie Burgers

  • The Hot Dang Grain Veggie Burgers, Locally Made!
  • Good Seed Vegan Veggie Burger, Locally Made
  • Sunshine Burger Garden Herb or Southwest

Grill on this!

All-Natural Lump Hardwood Charcoal

No coal, no fillers, no chemicals ... means you`ll enjoy the true flavors of your barbeque favorites. You’ll be cookin` in no time with quick-starting, all-natural lump hardwood charcoal. Made from round oak wood, acquired from tree pruning and forest thinning, and packaged in biodegradable bags, it’s good for you and the environment.

Our Favorite Burger Toppings

Bill Bickford
Fresh jalapeños (never the pickled kind), bacon, avocado OR bacon, a fried egg, sharp cheddar, onion!

Gabriel Gallegos
Daiya Havarti! This stuff melts like you wouldn’t believe. It’s one of those products that confuse my brain…it tastes so much like real cheese. Perfect with a handful of Butler Soy Curls!

Beth Beutel
Caramelized onions & blue cheese!

Nicole Purvis
Onion rings & avocado!

Niki Nash
Fresh, meaty, juicy local tomatoes straight off the farm or EIEIO Pesto! Tasty, fresh, vegan and local!

Dana Tomlin
Pederson Applewood Smoked Bacon!

Carol Campbell
Caramelized onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a sweet bbq sauce. A fried egg is also DELICIOUS!! There’s also the whole Canadian bacon and pineapple thing which is pretty yummy!


Vendor Focus: Harvest Bay Coconut Water

In the past few years, coconut water has become one of the most popular beverages at Wheatsville. In this town where summer can start in March and last until

November, it’s the perfect refreshment for all of those hot and humid days. Naturally high in potassium and antioxidants, many sweaty Austinites appreciated the fast rehydration provided by the coconut water; nature’s sports drink. While coconut water is delicious through a straw in a fresh young coconut, they aren’t always available or convenient. Harvest Bay, along with many other beloved brands, offer two convenient sizes of tasty coconut water that’s 100% not from concentrate with no added sugar or flavorings.

Each brand seems to have a slightly different flavor profile based on the coconuts they source and Harvest Bay’s is naturally slightly sweet tasting with a hint of toasted coconut flavor.  Recently, Harvest Bay Coconut water was verified by the NonGMO Project to be GMO free! Drink it as is or try some of their recommended drink recipes like Harvest Bay Coconut Watermelon Juice! And if you ever wondered what happens to all of those coconut husks and shells, the Harvest Bay facility actually makes pellets from them to burn for energy to operate the machinery. Very cool!.  



Local Vendor Focus: Beanitos Inc.

One of the brightest rising stars in the natural foods world is based right here in Austin: Beanitos Bean Chips.  In 2009 brothers Doug and Dave Foreman set out to create a crunchy snack chip that was full of nutrition and great flavor. The Beanitos Original Bean Chip was born, gaining fast popularity in Austin and finding its way into co-ops and other stores across the country.

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Vendor Focus: Just Coffee Cooperative

We love the abundance of local coffee roasters in Austin but let’s take a moment to focus on a special roaster in Madison, Wisconsin.  Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker owned co-op, roasting coffee beans that are always 100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic. They are committed to changing the global economy “into something that puts the needs of people before the profit margins of companies”. They roast in 70 pound batches using a hot-air roaster, which brings a clean full flavor to the cup. Learn more about air roasted coffee here. All Just Coffee in the Madison area is delivered by bike, which is a little far away for Austin delivery, but you have to admire their style when they deliver in the middle of a Wisconsin winter.

The most popular variety at Wheatsville is the Revolution Roast. Just Coffee's Tasting Notes tell us: The Revolution Roast is a rich, roasted coffee that tastes predominantly of chocolate and baked bread. It has a slight sweetness and low acidity. Enjoy the aroma of rose, whiskey and brown sugar as you savor a dark, revolutionary cup of coffee.

Just Coffee Co-op’s Mission Statement: Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee roaster dedicated to creating and expanding a model of trade based on transparency, equality, and human dignity. We strive to build long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers to bring you a truly incredible cup of coffee.


Vendor Focus: Rudi’s Organic Bakery

Rudi's Organic Bakery Bread is so popular at Wheatsville! We have more space dedicated to it in the store than almost any other in the country, according to company representatives, because it is such a customer favorite. The 100% Whole Wheat Bread is by far the most beloved variety, with other favorites including Multigrain English Muffins, Potato Slider Rolls, Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns and their Mountain Sourdough Bread.

A little history   What is now Rudi’s Organic Bakery began in 1976 as Rudi’s Bakery, a small local bakery opened by Sheldon Romer in Boulder, Colo. Romer named the bakery after Swami Rudrananda, a spiritual leader of an ashram in New York who was instrumental in bringing Eastern culture and spiritual traditions to many Americans.

Rudi’s Bakery soon gained a reputation for nutritious, flavorful, preservative-free breads, rolls and buns. In 1981,  Rudi’s entire product line became certified Kosher, and Rudi’s products began to appear on supermarket and natural food store shelves. The increased demand for Rudi’s offerings meant several moves to larger baking facilities. Rudi’s Bakery became a leader in the organic industry in 1991, when the company started using organic ingredients. By 1998, Rudi’s was participating in an organic certification program, long before the U.S. National Organic Program was enacted in 2002. In 2001, Rudi’s Bakery became Rudi’s Organic Bakery, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting and producing organic products.

Quality commitment Rudi’s Organic breads are made in small batches using a centuries-old practice that allows the dough to ferment for 12 to 24 hours before the mixing and baking processes begin. This ensures the integrity of every loaf while making the use of preservatives and chemical rising agents unnecessary. Extended fermentation also allows for the development of rich flavors and textures. Their bakers let the breads "proof" slowly which adds more flavor. Rudi’s Organic baked goods contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans-fat or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

And now Gluten Free Rudi's  In the frozen department look for Rudi's Gluten Free Bread, MultiGrain or Original, baked in their certified Gluten Free facility.

What's your favorite Rudi's product? Let us know in the comment section!
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