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The Latest News from Wheatsville

Cage Free Eggs

Almost all the eggs at the co-op come from both small and large local farms. Our selection includes some unique varieties such as soy free and certified organic, but one thing all our eggs have in common is that they are all cage free. This can mean different things depending on the farmer. Some chickens are out ranging in the fields all day or some run around within a fence around each coop. With many of the local farms, we’ve had the great opportunity to personally go see for ourselves how the farms are run and how happy the chickens are.

Jeremiah Cunninghams Worlds Best Eggs
As this farm first started out, they found that sourcing organic feed was not only expensive but hard to find in Texas. They decided to make their own organic feed right at the farm. Within just a few years they saw that the feed was in much higher demand then their eggs and the feed mill became the main source of income. The feed has done so well that the farm is looking to expand by building an additional organic feed mill in Georgia.

Fruitful Hill Farm
This farm goes beyond free range with the practice of actually moving the chicken coops on a regular basis to ensure a healthy diet of fresh grass and bugs. With wonderfully dark rich yolks, these eggs sell out fast. We get fresh deliveries every Tuesday, right from the farm.

H&J Ranch
This small farm run by Henry and Joan only sell their eggs at their farm and at Wheatsville. We have been selling their eggs since 2007 and we take back their styrofoam egg cartons so that the farmers can wash them and reuse them. Don’t forget to bring back your cartons.

Cage Free Bulk Eggs
Cage free bulk eggs are a relatively new addition to the egg selection at Wheatsville. These eggs are sourced from cage free farms all over Texas from a locally operated food service provider. We get a lot of question about how we can sell these eggs so cheap. Well first of all, a certain amount goes into packaging and labels so when you take that aspect away your are just paying for the egg itself and not the brand. One of the great things about bulk eggs is that sometimes you just need one or two eggs for a recipe and not a whole dozen. Now you can just get how many you need.

Our egg selection is sourced as locally as possible and sometimes, due to the weather conditions, we can’t get enough when the hens aren’t laying as much. Rest assured that we will continue to strive to have an ethical egg selection at all times and are always looking for a stronger connection with our local Texas farmers.