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Board of Directors Meeting Recap

UPDATE: May 27, 2015
Board of Directors Meeting

On Tuesday, May 26th the Board of Directors extended open time in order to accommodate comments from co-op members in attendance, wanting Wheatsville’s management to raise wages to meet the rising cost of living in Austin.

Chief Executive Grocer, Dan Gillotte, spent 30 minutes going over the wage presentation that would be shown to staff on Thursday, May 28th. The presentation included information about current wages and how they were determined, overall labor costs, an overview of co-op finances and possible areas that could be used to raise the wage scale. The CEG then took questions from attendees. Caution centered around long term sustainability for future growth regarding both price increases and labor costs, wage compression if only some wages were to be raised, and decisions regarding other compensation such as benefits and sick/vacation pay that would affect all staff members.

Following the staff wage presentation on 5/28 a committee of staff members will be assembled in order to decide next steps and recommendations for changes to the staff compensation package. The committee is expected to meet several times over the coming weeks and report back to the Board of Directors and CEG.

The Board of Directors then discussed overall monitoring of the co-op’s internal management, looking back at the staff survey results from March, 2015. The Board identified areas of concern regarding the grievance procedure, wages, and staff participation. The Board voted to form a committee regarding D6 - Staff Treatment and Compensation policy monitoring. The Board questioned whether the transparency issues that have recently been raised would also fall under the purview of the D6 committee or whether another committee should be formed. They will revisit the topic of a potential transparency at their next board meeting.