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Beer, Wine & Cheese Top Five For the Holidays

Wine: La Riojana Pinot Noir Reserve

The key to pairing wine with the wide variety of foods on the holiday table is to find wines that are softer, fruity, bright and less tannic. This medium bodied Pinot Noir is packed with delicious strawberry, cherry and blueberry aromas, as well as spicy notes due to the aging in oak barrels. La Riojana has invested more than $11 million Argentinean pesos for various projects aimed at improve living conditions for its growers and workers in the Famatina Valley, a historically poor area of Argentina.

Sparkling Wine: Stellar Organics Extra Dry

Stellar Organics make some really fantastic Fair Trade wines that are certified organic and vegan friendly. This extra dry sparkling wine has grapefruit and lime on the nose. It is crisp and fresh tasting with a smooth nutty finish. Perfect for holiday gatherings as well as ringing in the New Year!

Beer: Sierra Nevada Celebration

Brewed especially for the holidays, Sierra Nevada Celebration is perfect for a festive gathering or for a cozy evening at home. Celebration is a dry-hopped, slightly strong ale that pours a beautiful rosy amber color with a nice full head. It features a big blast of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops and a not-too-heavy mouthfeel. Supply is limited since this is a seasonal release so be sure to stock up while you can.

Cheese: Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche Goat Cheese

This is a sublimely delicious aged goat cheese with a beautiful geotrichum rind that is lightly sprinkled with ash. Geotrichum is a mold/yeast that produces a distinctive wrinkled rind that looks like coral. This creamy goat cheese features layers of rich flavor and it would make an elegant addition to your Holiday Table.

Vegan Cheese: Miyoko’s Aged English Sharp Farmhouse

This vegan cheese is so good that a non vegan like me loves it! Miyoko’s is made with nuts instead of milk, but it is a real cheese that is cultured and aged just like dairy cheese. The result is a hard, aged, sharp round with complex flavors and a long finish that will continue to deepen in flavor and texture as it ages. Serve this at your holiday party for a real crowd pleaser that everyone can enjoy!