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It’s all about the PIE!

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday that brings families and friends together to share a bountiful meal. The crown jewel of this feast, as far as those of us in the Bakehouse are concerned, is the pie. We make our way through the turkey and stuffing and green beans and squash, so we can finally dig into a luscious piece of pie. Pumpkin, pecan, apple, topped with whipped cream or ice cream or just plain—we love pie!

Pies are known to have been eaten in ancient Egypt. The first pie recipe, published by the Romans, was a rye crusted goat cheese and honey pie. Sounds like something you might find at a trendy SOLA restaurant, doesn’t it?

Pie crusts (originally called coffyns by the English) used to be very thick—up to 3 inches—and served as a baking vessel for the fillings inside rather than as a delectable treat. The crust was pretty much inedible and was discarded. The English settlers brought pie to America and learned from Native Americans to use the local bounty like squash, pecans and apples to make their pie fillings. The rectangular box shape of the coffyns soon evolved into a circle to literally “cut corners” in order to save money on costly wheat flour.

Thankfully, much has changed and much has stayed the same. This year we hope you will not discard our thin and delicious pie crust but enjoy it in tandem with the yummy fillings. The Wheatsville Bakehouse makes our own pie shells from scratch. Our pie shells are vegan–friendly and made with organic wheat flour and sugar and we use Earth Balance Vegan Butter..

We are offering a full menu of traditional pies: Classic and Vegan Pumpkin Pies, Pecan Pie, Apple Crumb Pie and our ever-popular Vegan Coconut Cream Pie made with a graham cracker crust.

As pie lovers, we encourage you to consider a pie buffet as a fitting end to your family’s Thanksgiving feast. And if you are a guest at Thanksgiving, a pie is always a welcome hostess gift. The more pie the merrier.