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Austin Simply Fit Resolution Challenge Week 5

Goal this Week: I am half way through the 10-week challenge! I want to keep my momentum going and attend all the classes that I can.

  • Progress: I think I'm stronger!! I lifted my work backpack, which is HEAVY!  Instead of lifting with my body – I lifted with my ARMS – just like that!
  • Hardest Thing to do This Week: Using the Glute Hamstring Developer. When Bonnie pointed that machine out, I really thought – NO WAY can I do that and I did, 30 times.
  • Favorite Food: Sprouted Almonds and Dried Cranberries.
  • Favorite Exercise: Rows with 25 lb weights.
  • Craving: Taking care of business while I am busy! I am rescheduling my sessions, as opposed to cancelling them, AND I am making a plan to workout when I have to miss an appointment. Thirty minutes of cardio is better than doing nothing!
  • Favorite Meal this Week: Last week I showed a picture of the snacks that I bought – this week, I wanted to share the protein/carb combos that I really like and find helpful.


On Sundays, I prepare my snacks for the week. I lay them out on my kitchen island and get my bags and containers ready. I make 2-3 snacks per day. I store the non-refrigerated items in a container on the counter and then I make a spot for my refrigerated snacks in the fridge. I pack them into my lunch box the night before and then shove in an icepack for the morning, then I’m off to work!

I look for snacks that are high in protein AND carbohydrates since I am working out so much. These really keep me feeling full until the next snack.

TIP: Shopping in bulk is a good idea for this. Or buy larger bags, then divide into single servings.


  • Sprouted almonds, dried cranberries
  • Baby carrots, 1 oz Organic Valley Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese TIP: one package is 8 oz, cut the block into 8’s for easy 1oz servings
  • 3 pieces dried papaya, 1 oz Krave Garlic Chili Pepper Beef Jerky
  • Kind bar – Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, Pink Lady Apple
  • Baby carrots and Grandma’s Humus TIP: Buy – 2-3 tubs (or make your own) and freeze.
  • 1 oz Organic Cranberry Harvest Trail Mix
  • Honey Crisp apple and Justin's Almond Butter
  • Brazil nuts, dried apple rings
  • From the Deli – Lemon Spinach Quinoa, boiled egg
  • For after a workout: ORGAIN Vanilla shake