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Austin Simply Fit Resolution Challenge Week 10

  • Goal this Week: Finish Strong!Progress: This was my last week. I lost 2 points of body fat, gained muscle, and changed my eating habits for better.  
  • Hardest Thing to do This Week: Squats without using the box to sit on.
  • Favorite Food: I really enjoyed the lunches that I made last week. My recipe for them is in last week’s update.
  • Favorite Exercise: I notice that the exercises that I find the hardest are my favorite. I really enjoyed squats – I totally lost my form and Bonnie had to catch me! Just more to work on!
  • Craving: Next week! I signed up for another 10 weeks. I really like the people that I have met in the classes and all the trainers are super nice and helpful.
  • Favorite Meal this Week: Last week, I shared a recipe for Eggs & English muffins. This is another recipe that is easy to prep in advance. Planning really sets you up for a successful week.  This last Sunday I made 10 lunches for the week, boiled eggs, cooked extra quinoa for dinner, and made 5 breakfast tacos!!!

Breakfast Tacos

6 eggs
5 whole wheat tortillas
2 stalks green onions, slice
1 tsp olive oil
salt & pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup spinach, sliced
waxed paper, for wrapping & storing tacos

• Crack eggs into a large bowl, mix well with a fork. Add salt & pepper.
• Heat oil in non-stick pan.
• Once oil is hot, sauté the green onions until wilted.
• Add garlic, cook for one more minute, until fragrant.
• Add eggs, cook until not runny.
• At very end, add in spinach.
• Heat tortillas, just until warm. I use the microwave.
• Place tortilla on waxed paper, add ½ cup egg mixture.
• Roll tortilla, wrap in waxed paper.
• Refrigerate for up to 5 days.
• When ready to eat: heat taco for 1 minute, or until hot, in microwave.