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Austin Simply Fit Resolution Challenge

To increase fitness in the new year, Austin Simply Fit launched a 10-week Resolution Challenge. The challenge runs Monday, January 13 through Monday, March 23.

Participants of the challenge receive weekly private workout sessions with one of Austin Simply Fit’s certified personal trainers. During these sessions participantsl knock out personalized 30-minute workouts, set weekly goals and work through challenges. In addition to the private sessions, each participant will also have unlimited access to Austin Simply Fit’s small group sessions available at both their north and south locations.

This year Dana Tomlin, Wheatsville’s Fresh Manager, will be taking the Austin Simply Fit 10 Week Resolution Challenge. Throughout the process Dana will be blogging about her progress, favorite meals and snacks and other ways she has stays committed to her fitness resolution.

Of course, it takes more than exercise to get back into shape so Austin Simply Fit and  Wheatsville Food Co-op have teamed up to offer each participant gift cards redeemable for healthy meals, snacks and drinks throughout the program. Visit or call (512) 923-2348 to sign up!

Week 1 Update

Week 2 Update

Week 3 Update

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Week 9 Update

Week 10 Final Update

About Austin Simply Fit:  Austin Simply Fit is a private personal training facility located in Austin, Texas and staffed by highly-motivated personal trainers, fitness experts, and yoga instructors. Unlike other personal fitness training programs, Austin Simply Fit provides individualized personal 30 minute training sessions which are tailor-made to fit the needs of each client. Austin Simply Fit personal trainers work 1-on-1 with each client and create a variety of workout and exercise programs that help each client achieve their fitness goals. For more information about Austin Simply Fit visit