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As raw as it gets!

Wheatsville has several raw beverages, both local and national, on our shelves. Daily Greens, Harmless Harvest Coconut water and our newest addition, Suja. The most common question we get asked is "How do that do that?".

Pascalization or high pressure processing stops chemical activity caused by microorganisms that play a role in the deterioration of foods. The treatment occurs at low temperatures and does not include the use of food additives. From 1990, some juices, jellies, and jams have been preserved using pascalization in Japan. The technique is now used there to preserve fish and meats, salad dressing, rice cakes, and yogurts. An early use of pascalization in the United States was to treat guacamole. It did not change the guacamole's taste, texture, or color, but the shelf life of the product increased to thirty days, from three days without the treatment. However, some treated foods still require cold storage because pascalization does not stop all enzyme activity caused by proteins,some of which affects shelf life.