Make It Count: Tips and Guidelines for Voting in the Wheatsville Election

Last fall, owners submitted 813 valid votes in the Wheatsville Election. With over 22,000 Owners, we are confident we will surpass that number and are striving for another enthusiastic turnout of participative co-op owners. Here are some tips to ensure that your vote is tallied correctly and we have another successful election!

— Erica Rose, Ownership & Outreach coordinator, 2019 Vote Coordinator

Tip #1 – Voters Must be Current Co-op Owners
Democratic control of the co-op is a benefit outlined in the Cooperative Principles and is reserved for co-op owners. Encourage your family and friends to join so they can participate in the election, too!

Tip #2 – Ballots Must Contain the Voter’s Full Name
While we maintain the anonymity of the votes, all ballots must have a name listed to verify against our owner database. Voters should use the same name on their ballot that is listed on the ownership account. Using alternate names or nicknames can impede the verification process and may prevent your vote from being tallied. Ballots missing a name or those that are cast by non-owners will be declared invalid.

Tip #3 – One Name per Ballot
If you live in a household with more than one owner, each owner needs to submit a separate ballot. Each vote is counted individually per Owner, not per household.

Tip #4 – One Vote per Owner
Each owner is entitled to one vote during the Annual Wheatsville Election. Duplicate ballots will be declared invalid unless the owner contacts the Vote Coordinator and requests to cast a replacement ballot.

Tip #5 – Be Thorough
Filling out all the contact information on the ballot helps the Vote Coordinator verify your ownership and allows us to contact you should there be a question that arises.

Note: When a ballot contains errors, the Vote Coordinator will make attempts to contact the voter before officially declaring it invalid. We want to make sure that every owner receives the opportunity to participate in the election!

This year we will be collecting electronic votes at and at the Voting kiosk near the front of the store or you can mail in the ballot included in the Election Issue of the Breeze. If you have any questions about voting, feel free to contact me at I am excited to see all the votes pile in!

Don’t forget to remind your friends and family to vote!