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Got milk? How about local, organic, low temp pasteurized milk from a co-op? How about local eggs, yogurts and kombucha (we’ve even got one named after us). If you eat vegan, gluten free or any alternative diet you will come to think of this department as heaven. Here you’ll find local tempeh, tofu, and veggie burgers. There is bulk tofu, alternative meats, gluten free bread, even ready-to-bake vegan cookie dough.

Take your time in our frozen aisle – this is where some of the best deals are. It’s a great way to stock you freezer with local, organic, co-op products. We don’t have a ton of space so you know this is as well-vetted a selection that you will find anywhere in town. We stock this section based on your feedback so you can be sure this is the best there is to offer. It’s also a great place to experiment with gluten free breads, Tiny Pies or alternative ice creams. We know it the best there is to offer.

Local Vendor Focus: Lick Honest Ice Cream

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month in July, we are proud to focus on local and delicious Lick Honest Ice Cream.

Wheatsville’s South Lamar location is just down the street from Lick’s storefront so Packaged Manager, Niki Nash, and I travelled by scooter to drop by and say hello to Lick co-founder Anthony Sobotik.

After providing us with perfectly creamy ice cream samples, Anthony answered some of our questions, the first being: Why is Lick ice cream so dang good?

Anthony says it starts with the fresh milk and cream from Mill King Creamery in McGregor, Texas. Never homogenized and pasteurized at lower than usual temperatures, Mill King products have been highly prized at Wheatsville for several years. Anthony and his partner Chad Palmatier have an excellent relationship with the Mill King farmers—they process the milk that will become Lick Ice Cream directly on the farm and they have an exclusive agreement that ensures only Lick Ice Cream enjoys that benefit.

The other reason Lick Ice Cream has had much critical acclaim, including a recent nod in The Thrillist’s 21 Best Ice Cream Shops in America, is flavor. Anthony’s culinary background and South Texas upbringing inspire him to seek out true, fresh flavors regardless of whether or not they are traditionally found in ice cream such as the extremely popular Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint. Some of the flavors that have been a slam dunk from day one are the Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, made with Texas Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hill Country Honey and Vanilla featuring Austin Honey Company Honey.

There’s a fine seasonal selection rotating in and out every three months or so depending on what is fresh and in season. When we visited, the highlighted flavor was Dewberry Corn Cobbler, pairing fresh, juicy dewberries and sweet Texas corn. Anthony admitted that some flavors take time to develop and can’t be rushed, such as his dream of a fresh cantaloupe ice cream— when the time is right it will happen.
There’s a fair amount of collaboration with local businesses to develop the flavors such as Great Bean Chocolate, Johnson’s Backyard Garden Produce, Pure Luck Goat Cheese and Texas Coffee Traders. These are all beloved Wheatsville vendors as well, making Lick Ice Cream pints a natural fit in the frozen aisle. For the non-dairy ice cream lovers out there, vegan options are available at the Lick shop but they are unable to provide pints of it at this time.

Since he’s an ice cream expert, we asked Anthony for some summertime dessert ideas:
• Lick Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ice Cream scoops on warm Bourbon Pecan pie from Tiny Pies.
• Lick Pecans & Cream Ice Cream with hot peach cobbler made with Texas Peaches.
• Lick Cilantro Lime Ice Cream is light and refreshing on its own!

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New at Wheatsville this week!

Steve's Ice Cream produces artisanal small batch dairy and non-dairy ice creams, sourcing ingredients and mix-ins from other small local producers and craft artisans. Read on for more about Steve's and everything new at Wheatsville this week!

Steve's Ice Cream
Salty Caramel, Mexican Chili Chocolate, BKLYN Blackout, Bourbon Vanilla, Strawberry Ricotta, Blackberry Honey (dairy free), and Cinnamon Coffee (dairy free)

Steve’s Ice Cream offers small batch dairy and non-dairy ice creams in unique flavors, sourcing ingredients and mix-ins from other small local producers and craft artisans. Of the high quality ingredients used, the milk and cream base for the dairy varieties is procured from a local diary cooperative, the chocolate and cacao is from Taza (the only producer of organic stone ground chocolate in the U.S.), and even the coffee ingredients are from a local roaster using organic, shade-grown beans. Steve's Ice Cream is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of the company's total sales to environmental groups around the world. Reg. $7.99 16oz

So Delicous Culinary Coconut Milk
Original, Lite

Whiter, cleaner and fresher than canned equivalents, So Delicious Dairy Free Culinary Coconut Milks come in eco-friendly containers and are the perfect replacements for heavy dairy cream and canned coconut milk. Certified USDA organic and available in Original and Lite versions, these are the perfect additions to creating your favorite curries, creamy soups or desserts! Packaged in easy to pour, re-sealable containers, the milks are also formulated to work in recipes that call for a 14 oz can of regular coconut milk. Reg. $2.39 11oz

Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Squares

Remember those familiar cheese crackers you grew up with? Well, these aren't them. Free from dairy, trans fats, and GMO's, new Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar squares pack a cheesy flavor punch like you wouldn't believe. Reg. $3.79 6oz

Go Raw Sprouted Organic Watermelon Seeds

They seriously are super delicious! Their natural flavor profile is buttery and smoky, perfect for snacks, salad toppings and ingredients for other raw dishes. Go Raw Organic Sprouted Watermelon Seeds are high in protein, a good source of iron, and resealable for freshness. Reg. $8.99 10oz

Lotus Foods Heirloom Grain Organic Ramen Noodles
Forbidden Rice, Jade Pearl Rice, Millet & Brown Rice

Lotus Foods produces traditional Japanese-style ramen noodles made from gluten-free organic heirloom grains. Produced with either Forbidden Rice, Jade Pearl Rice, or a blend of Millet & Brown Rice, each variety is packaged either as a complete meal with a miso soup packet or as 4-pack ramen noodles ready to add to soup, stir-fry or for a cold noodle salad. Ready to eat in just 4 minutes. Individual ramen noodle packs, Reg. $1.79 ea; 4-packs with miso, Reg. $5.99 ea.

We want to know what products you are excited about! Do you have a new favorite, an old standby or something that has piqued your curiosity at another store? Let us know! We can't promise you will see every single item here in the future but we can promise to give every wish serious consideration. Send us an email with as much detail as you can at

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Slicing and Dicing

You may have noticed that the Meat Department is now slicing your deli style meats. Along with some familiar names we are bringing in some new players and some more options from your favorites.

More uncured and cured options—what does that mean?

It means that the USDA requires processors who do not add salt cure or sodium nitrate /nitrite to their products to label it as uncured. Nitrate/nitrite occurs naturally in some vegetables and leafy greens. Some producers use these nitrates instead of ones that are combined with sodium to cure their meats. All of these products use some form of curing to help preserve them.

We offer cured turkey and ham as well as uncured turkey and ham from Boar’s Head. These are great selections from a very recognizable national brand.

Cured choices:

  • Roasted Smoked Turkey,
  • Mesquite Smoked Turkey,
  • Sweet Sliced Smoked Ham
  • Peppered Ham
  • Black Forest Ham

Boar's Head All Natural

  • Smoked Turkey
  • Roasted Turkey
  • Tuscan Turkey
  • Applewood Smoked Ham
  • All Natural Roast Beef.

We also offer some uncured Niman Ranch meats:

  • The Uncured Corned Beef is brined and roasted—a traditional corned beef that will make any sandwich fantastic.
  • Niman Ranch Beef Pastrami. Get ready to make your own Rueben with Niman Ranch Pastrami and any one of the delicious sauerkrauts that Wheatsville offers.
  • Jambon Royal Ham. Fantastic! Made in a more European Style, this equates to a stronger smoke and salt flavor that comes out with the applewood smoking. One of the best Hams I’ve eaten and now you can get it sliced for a sandwich or cut into as small a piece as you would like!
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