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Got milk? How about local, organic, low temp pasteurized milk from a co-op? How about local eggs, yogurts and kombucha (we’ve even got one named after us). If you eat vegan, gluten free or any alternative diet you will come to think of this department as heaven. Here you’ll find local tempeh, tofu, and veggie burgers. There is bulk tofu, alternative meats, gluten free bread, even ready-to-bake vegan cookie dough.

Take your time in our frozen aisle – this is where some of the best deals are. It’s a great way to stock you freezer with local, organic, co-op products. We don’t have a ton of space so you know this is as well-vetted a selection that you will find anywhere in town. We stock this section based on your feedback so you can be sure this is the best there is to offer. It’s also a great place to experiment with gluten free breads, Tiny Pies or alternative ice creams.

Local Vendor Spotlight: Yeti Frozen Custard

Yeti Frozen Custard is our featured Local Vendor in July. Chris Moore, talked to Andy, owner of Yeti Frozen Custard .

Chris: How long has Yeti been producing frozen custard and why did you decide to make it?

Andy: We started the company in 2012 and have been making frozen custard ever since. The idea to start a frozen custard business began in our living room while living in a small beach town in San Diego, California.

I had just graduated from culinary school and decided to head out West to visit family and figure out what my next steps were going to be in life. All summer long, I craved the creamy cold confection I grew to love during my time in the Midwest and after a few failed attempts to hunt down this authentic frozen custard, I realized if I wanted the real stuff I would have to learn how to make it myself…and so I did. We were only in San Diego for three months before fate set in and we packed our bags for Austin, Texas!

Our company takes pride in offering natural, wholesome, frozen dairy products that differ from ice cream in both taste and texture. Our old-fashioned custard is continuously fed into a freezing barrel and our custard base is rapidly frozen with very little air and small ice crystals. This creates the velvety smooth, rich flavor known exclusively as frozen custard!

Many folks don’t know that Yeti Frozen Custard is lower in fat and sugar than other premium ice creams available in local markets and made using only the finest ingredients available. Our custom pints are hand packed to guarantee our customers get the freshest frozen custard available. 

Chris: Are any of the ingredients sourced locally?

Andy: Depending on the season, we try to incorporate as many local ingredients into our products as possible. We work with great vendors like Cuvee Coffee for our Coffee House flavor, fresh lavender flowers from the Texas Hill Country Farms and locally produced fruits from Sweet Berry Farms and Fredericksburg farms for our Roasted Strawberry, Lemon Lavender and Blueberry Pancake flavors.

Chris: What is your favorite flavor of Yeti frozen custard?

Andy: Getting to develop new creations and perfect our classic flavors is the best part of the job and honestly my favorite flavors change almost daily, however nothing beats our Classic Bourbon Vanilla with a little fresh strawberry or hot fudge topper on a warm Summer day!

Chris: Is there anything new in the works for Yeti?

Andy: Definitely! We’ve been VERY busy this last year working on growing our wholesale business, but our biggest goal of the year is to hunt down the perfect Yeti spot in Austin for our very first retail space! We’re working on opening our first scoop shop in early 2016 so be sure to keep an eye out for future Yeti sightings!

Chris: What are your favorite things about Wheatsville?

Andy: There are so many great locally sourced products in Austin and it’s great to able to shop at one store to find them all! We love the fresh produce department and the great selection of local beer, wine and of course Ice cream!

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Local Vendor Focus: Pogue Mahone Pickles

Featured vendor for the month of June is local pickle producer Pogue Mahone. These delicious crisp local pickles have some pretty cool flavor profiles such as habanero ginger, serrano lime and Texas sweet heat along with traditional styles like bread and butter and garlic dill. All the available varieties of Pogue Mahone can be found at both Wheatsville locations in the refrigerated departments.I had a Q&A with owner Sam Addison and wanted to share it with you.

Chris: How long have you been selling pickles at the farmers market/ Wheatsville?

Sam: We began selling at farmers markets 3 years ago. Wheatsville on Guadalupe was one of our very first retail accounts. I can still remember our very first delivery and pickle sampling event. We were pretty nervous .

Chris: What are some of your favorite things at WV?

Sam: I love the produce and meat departments most of all. I can find the same produce and meats that we buy or trade pickles for at the farmers market which is really great. I do a lot of cooking and Wheatsville gives me a hard location where I can find these local goods any day of the week.

Chris: Which is your favorite flavor of pickle?

Sam: Thats tough, but if i could only have one for the rest of my life it would be our classic Fresh Dill & Garlic flavor. I am eating a lot of our Texas Sweet Heat pickles right now though, they are so perfect with BBQ and burgers.

Chris: Do you have anything new in the works for Pogue Mahone?

Sam: We do indeed. Up until now it has been pretty top secret but here we go... In the coming months we will be using our pickles and brine to make an awesome Dill Pickle Bloody Mary Mix as well as a “Pickled” Whole Grain Mustard.

Chris: What made you decide to do pickles?

Sam: My mom and both grandmothers made pickles while I was growing up and I just really enjoyed the whole process. When we didn’t have homemade pickles around we would buy the Claussen pickles from the cold section of the store. I just always felt that we could do cold pack pickles better than what was available so I dedicated over a decade to perfecting the recipe before offering them to the public. I am happy with where we are right now and look forward to the future of Pogue Mahone Pickles.

More notable info about Pogue Mahone Pickles:

  • Our fresh cucumbers go from vine to pickle jar in under 48 hours. We only hold our pickles for 10 days before selling to give them maximum crunch and deliciousness.
  • We were named winner in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 National Good Food Awards, becoming the only pickle company in America to win three times.
  • You can find our pickles in the cold dairy section of the store.
  • Wheatsville now offers our premium dill pickles by the pound on the Salad Bar for customers looking to buy a lot or just sample them.
  • Pogue Mahone is gaelic for “kiss my arse”. We were given our name by my Irish brother-in-law who said that our pickles (un-named at the time) were the best damned pickles he had ever had and anyone who disagreed could pogue mahone. A name was born.
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Cage Free Eggs

Almost all the eggs at the co-op come from both small and large local farms. Our selection includes some unique varieties such as soy free and certified organic, but one thing all our eggs have in common is that they are all cage free. This can mean different things depending on the farmer. Some chickens are out ranging in the fields all day or some run around within a fence around each coop. With many of the local farms, we’ve had the great opportunity to personally go see for ourselves how the farms are run and how happy the chickens are.

Jeremiah Cunninghams Worlds Best Eggs
As this farm first started out, they found that sourcing organic feed was not only expensive but hard to find in Texas. They decided to make their own organic feed right at the farm. Within just a few years they saw that the feed was in much higher demand then their eggs and the feed mill became the main source of income. The feed has done so well that the farm is looking to expand by building an additional organic feed mill in Georgia.

Fruitful Hill Farm
This farm goes beyond free range with the practice of actually moving the chicken coops on a regular basis to ensure a healthy diet of fresh grass and bugs. With wonderfully dark rich yolks, these eggs sell out fast. We get fresh deliveries every Tuesday, right from the farm.

H&J Ranch
This small farm run by Henry and Joan only sell their eggs at their farm and at Wheatsville. We have been selling their eggs since 2007 and we take back their styrofoam egg cartons so that the farmers can wash them and reuse them. Don’t forget to bring back your cartons.

Cage Free Bulk Eggs
Cage free bulk eggs are a relatively new addition to the egg selection at Wheatsville. These eggs are sourced from cage free farms all over Texas from a locally operated food service provider. We get a lot of question about how we can sell these eggs so cheap. Well first of all, a certain amount goes into packaging and labels so when you take that aspect away your are just paying for the egg itself and not the brand. One of the great things about bulk eggs is that sometimes you just need one or two eggs for a recipe and not a whole dozen. Now you can just get how many you need.

Our egg selection is sourced as locally as possible and sometimes, due to the weather conditions, we can’t get enough when the hens aren’t laying as much. Rest assured that we will continue to strive to have an ethical egg selection at all times and are always looking for a stronger connection with our local Texas farmers.

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Local Vendor Spotlight: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Wheatsville has been carrying Buddha’s Brew locally made organic kombucha since August of 2009. In the beginning, Buddha’s Brew made a few traditional flavors— original, grape and blueberry. Over the years they have developed many new combinations and seasonal offerings such as Peach-Mint, Tangerine Sea Salt and Hop’D.

I had a short Q&A with Kimberley and John-Paxton, the owners of Buddha’s Brew.

How long have you guys been in business? We started at the Farmers Market in 2006 and then we moved to our current commercial kitchen in 2007.

Which is your favorite flavor of kombucha?
My current favorite is Basil Honey Ginger, right now it’s a seasonal but soon it’ll be a regular flavor in our regular jars! My other favorite is Peach-Mint, it’s delicious, the fresh mint and peach pop so well with our kombucha tea. 

What is your favorite thing to purchase at Wheatsville? South Austin People (SoAP), Skull & Cakebones, Happy Hemp, Love Bean and Good Seed are a few examples of our favorite things to get at Wheatsville. Also enjoy just browsing the aisles seeing what’s new, enjoying a sandwich for lunch and checking out other alive foods! 

Why did you start making kombucha? I was introduced to kombucha through a close friend. I began drinking it daily and loved how it made my body feel. Then all of a sudden the national brand changed their recipe as they expanded and I didn’t feel the same after drinking a bottle. It was then I decided to brew my own traditional kombucha. Once my friends had a taste, they kept asking for more and a business was born.
Additional info: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha’s mission is to brew the most probiotically powerful kombucha on Planet Earth and have a blast doing it. With our process each batch is carefully fermented to have an exceptionally high count of traditional kombucha probiotics. Offering kombucha that is both alive and delicious is very important to our entire Buddha’s Brew team! 

Wheatsville is proud to have Buddha’s Brew Kombucha on our shelves and we’re very happy to have a successful relationship with such nice people!

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Local Vendor Spotlight: The Hearty Vegan

Beth and Becky Taylor are a vegan mother-daughter team who make The Hearty Vegan tempeh—the only tempeh produced here in Texas for retail sale.
In the beginning, they made only traditional tempeh; then they began making delicious breakfast sausages. Responding to customer interest, they came up with soy-free versions made from black-eyed pea and garbanzo beans. Our deli jumped on the opportunity to use their locally made tempeh in our tempeh chili, tempeh tacos, ginger tempeh pasta and tempeh stroganoff.

Beth and Becky have been great about sharing recipes during their demos here at Wheatsville. You can check out some of their great recipes at If you see them sampling their tempeh in the store, stop and have a delicious bite and get to know a couple of our friendliest and most beloved suppliers!

You can find all three varieties of The Hearty Vegan tempeh in our frozen section and in a variety of dishes made in our deli. The tempeh sausage is in our refrigerated case.

In the past two years, The Hearty Vegan products have begun being served at local restaurants and food trucks including Mothers Café, the Vegan Yacht, BBQ Revolution and Counter Culture. We’re proud to have been carrying their delicious tempeh since the very beginning.

I asked Beth & Becky a few questions:

1. How long have you been making tempeh?
We started making tempeh for friends in 2004. In 2010, we began making tempeh in a commercial kitchen which allowed us to sell in grocery stores. Wheatsville was the first store to carry our products.

2. What is your favorite thing to buy from Wheatsville?
Our favorite thing to buy at Wheatsville: Becky loves the salad bar-anything with cashew tamari dressing. Beth loves Wheatsville’s raisin bread made in house, African peanut soup and the produce section.

3. What is your favorite recipe to use your tempeh in?
We have so many favorite tempeh recipes but with the weather getting cooler our thoughts turn to Tempeh Shepherd’s Pie.

4. What do you love about Wheatsville?
What we love about Wheatsville: seeing the smiling faces of our friends who work there. Also how many items are local, organic and vegan. Wheatsville has all the food we love.

5. Favorite place to eat in town?
There are so many fabulous restaurants & food trucks, it’s impossible to choose!

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Local Vendor Profile: Mediterranean Chef (Grandma’s Humus)

Nikki Kaya, the chef owner of The Mediterranean LLC, emigrated from Istanbul in 1995 after studying Chemical Engineering and working in both Swiss and American nutritional analysis laboratories. Then she began her career in the food industry, working up to Food Service Director for corporate accounts, while simultaneously enrolled in French culinary education. She now brings authentic Old World Mediterranean cuisine to your table.
Grandma’s Humus has been around Austin about nine years, and for the first three years it was Nikki herself delivering to all the locations around town. As demand grew, she was able to open a restaurant in North Central Austin and expand on her ability to provide excellent Mediterranean cuisine all over town. She doesn’t deliver in person anymore, but she is still one of our favorite people!

When I asked Nikki if she intends to develop more varieties of hummus, she said she does not deviate from Grandma’s original recipe and has no plans to, either. The taste and texture is on point and it pairs perfectly with so many things. One of our favorites is to dip baby carrots in their hummus. The sweet crunch of the carrots is wonderfully enhanced by the smooth, garlicky hummus yum. People who normally won’t eat raw veggies will enjoy eating them with this hummus!

At the restaurant their kitchen is open, so while you eat you can watch them make many gallons of hummus. As well as making delicious food, Mediterranean Chef is also concerned with the environment. They guarantee that everything in the kitchen is recycled, reused, or composted and they make a monthly donation to Ecology Action.

At Wheatsville, we love Mediterranean Chef because they are always willing to participate in promotions and Grandma’s Humus is always one of our top sellers. We are more than happy to feature Grandma’s Humus as one of our Super Awesome One Day Deals during Owner Appreciation Days on Sunday, October 19, when it will be on sale for $3, a $1.99 savings!

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